Tuesday, March 31, 2015

No Tran$link Tax!

You think your city's transit is bad? Just wait until you hear about Vancouver. Billions wasted in bureaucracy, with 6 boards of directors, 2 CEOS, $40,000 televisions, personal cars, and every luxury in the book. And now a plebiscite on whether Vancouverites should be paying more taxes so this inefficient and corrupt transit bureaucracy can perpetuate its wasteful central plans that do nothing but suffocate the taxpayer. This isn't a plebiscite; this is a referendum on the Tran$Link bureaucracy. But you wouldn't know it. “Vote No” lawn-signs and advertisements are being taken down by municipal authorities. The other side with its million-dollar taxpayer-financed budget have “Vote Yes” signs all over the city, including on the buses. Did I mention the ballot is biased toward the “Yes” side, as well?

In this episode I sit down with Canadian Taxpayer Federation BC Director Jordan Bateman. Bateman is a former Langley councilor and the defacto leader of the “Vote No” side. In 2013, Jordan was named to Vancouver Magazine's prestigious Power 50 list of the 50 most influential people in Greater Vancouver. Let's hope that influence pays off in this campaign. This is the province that rejected the HST, hopefully we'll reject this tax grab as well.

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