Thursday, February 12, 2015

In Politics, Opposites Attract: C-51

Stephen Harper has come out of the closet and he's concentrating the powers of the police and surveillance state into his hands. As well as demoting the House of Commons Security, led by Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers, who actually fought off the attack while Harper, the Emperor, hid in the closet. Never-mind the blatant unconstitutionality of pulling the House of Commons security out for special RCMP treatment. These are inaccurate times we live in and we, especially Harper, can't be bothered by constitutional limits on government power. Or the fact that the RCMP missed the boat on Zehaf-Bibeau running past their multiple posts outside the Parliament Buildings (you see?!!?! It was an inside job hoax!!!!11). Clearly, replacing the House of Commons security with the RCMP is the right thing to do and Harper is the right person for the job. Also, up is down and left is right.

So we are at war. That is mantra of the Conservative Government and Canadians generally seem to believe it. Yet, despite being at war, Minister of Defence John Baird retired and former Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney took his job. Phew. Good thing there was no terrorist attack during those pivotal moments when Canada was in transition between Defence Ministers.

But wait, is a terrorist attack still considered a terrorist attack if we are at war? Isn't then just a normal war attack? Like when the Nazis bombed London. Were those acts of terror? I'm getting confused. I suppose if the perpetrator has no country to die for... But what about the Islamic State? It's a state or at least it wants to be. Granted, it doesn't have an Air Force or Navy, but it collects taxes and I'm sure if Harper and Obama keep funding them in Syria, eventually their Iraqi strongholds will be equipped with all the gadgets and weapons of death one comes to expect from a modern state – whether Islamic or Democratic.

But wait, Zehaf-Bibeau wasn't from the Islamic State. He'd never been. He was a drugged out Canadian. He might have been carrying out the attacks in the name of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him™. But we'll never know. The RCMP doesn't want to release any documents or footage or generally any evidence that may help Canadians understand why he did what he did.

But that's cool. I'm sure they have our best interests at heart, right? In the meantime we should all just accept bill C-51 and welcome the new expanded police and surveillance powers as the price to pay for safety. After all, Harper doesn't “buy into” the notion that one must give up liberty for safety. Even though we're clearly giving up some of our liberty for safety. And by safety I mean risk. Risking our safety to monopoly organizations like the RCMP, CSIS and the CSE. Who couldn't even stop Zehaf-Bibeau from running up to parliament with a .30-30 Winchester.

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