Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Agenda 21 With Mexican Food

I just got back from dinner at a nice Mexican spot in Vancouver, British Columbia. Richard Heathen and his wife were with me. These two, as you may know, are the brains behind Liberty Machine News. They've got a documentary on Agenda 21 coming out soon. I saw a glimpse of it back in June when we were both in Edmonton. Looks solid. I can't wait to see the whole thing.

My latest for PFT mentions Agenda 21 and Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant.

Gallant was criticised by the Ottawa Citizen so I debunked that. The journalist was trying to make it a "conspiracy" issue thereby confirming viewers bias that Gallant is not worth listening to. So I simply said, hey look pal, this conspiracy  doesn't need nefarious purposes attached. Government planning of everything is a very, very stupid idea.

Now he may come back and say "well it's not everything" but it is heading in that direction. States erode markets; there is no third option. Plus, environmental concerns are property concerns and every property conflict is conflict over scarcity. If market prices continue to deteriorate, means will become scarcer. Greater scarcity will reinforce more political controls. If the antagonists of Atlas Shrugged had been environmentalists, Ayn Rand would have been predicting the future.

But that's another post. My latest for PFT can be summed up with: Canada is not a democracy; it is a constitutional monarchy with democratic principles built into it.


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