Tuesday, October 1, 2013

No Marijuana Legalization?

I've got a lot of backlash from my supporters about calling for the legalization of weed in one of my videos.

So I've re-examined the issue and these are my conclusions:

a) I still stand by my original premise. I don't want to legalize weed, I want local control over this issue. Screw the federal government. The RCMP in Canmore will decide what to do based on what the residents of Canmore want. I'd like people to smoke it freely on their property. However -

b) My supporters (or at least four of them) have told me not to press the issue. So I won't. Forget the idea of smoking weed.

But I still stand by the idea of decentralization and localization. Canmorites know what is best for their town. Not some bureaucrat in Edmonton or Ottawa. As Mayor, I would respect the choice of Canmorites.

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