Sunday, February 10, 2013

My E-mail to Walter Block

My e-mail:

Dear Dr. Block,

I'm curious as to your take on this whole vs. Ron Paul debate. Is it really Dr. Paul's natural right to claim ownership to the website I'm a little taken-back by how Dr. Paul's lawyers are using the United Nations global bureaucracy to fight for this. I'm currently reading the Ethics of Liberty and although there isn't a chapter on internet domain ownership, it seems to me -- following the logic of legitimate or just property rights -- that Dr. Paul has no legitimate claim to this domain. Is my thinking about this wrong? I've read your book Defending the Undefendable and a lot of your LRC articles, so in my eyes you seem like the ideal person to ask whether the acquisition of (with or without compensation) is just or at least would-be permissible in a free society.



Walter Block's response

Dear Caleb:

I'm a big fan of Ron's see my book, below, on him. But on this issue I disagree with him.

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