Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mark Carney, Liberal Leader of Canada?

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Don't make me laugh. I believe Mark Carney when he says he has no interest in running for the leadership of the federal Liberal Party... and it's not often that I believe Mark Carney. The man is a pathological liar or at the very least a skilled propagandist. Carney remains an unelected bureaucrat, the head of the Bank of Canada and the Financial Stability Board. Why he would want to relinquish his crème de la crème status to dwell in the murky waters of partisan debate is beyond the scope of reason.

Now I'm not saying it won't happen. It's just very unlikely. However, if Mark Carney decided to run as the Liberal leader, and let's say he won, that would mean Canadians would be treated to a full-scale Tory attack on the BoC governor.

And that could be interesting...

Conservative attack ads are notorious for striking down Liberal leaders. One can imagine the campaign against Carney; his career is an attack ad waiting to happen. It's likely that the Conservatives would never use these points as the case against Carney. Nevertheless, here are ten good reasons why the Liberals would be foolish to elect Mark Carney as their leader. In fact, here are ten good reasons why Mark Carney should be fired from the Bank of Canada and stripped of his Reader's Digest Editor's Choice for Most Trusted Canadian award.
  • His monetary policy of low interest rates have fuelled the credit bubble Canadians find themselves in.
  • He spent over a decade working for Goldman Sachs, a very unpopular bank.
  • His work with Goldman Sachs includes the 1998 Russian Financial Crisis, where the bank was advising Russia on how to pay off its debts while also betting against the nation's ability to pay off its debts.
  • He oversaw the Conservative government's plan to tax income trusts
  • He has a doctorate in economics. Not Austrian economics.
  • He's inflating the currency, thus causing a lower purchasing power.
  • He was involved with the Canadian bank bail-out of $114-billion and denies that it ever happened
  • He sits on the board of directors of the Bank for International Settlements and is chairman of the Committee on the Global Financial System
  • He is a member of the Group of Thirty, an global roundtable of financiers and State intellectuals.
  • He attends Bilderberg meetings, a gathering of the world's most influential people.

Whether or not the last point is valid is an opinion the reader will have to make. Regardless, Mark Carney is the last thing the Liberal Party needs. If the Grits really want to make a name for themselves, I suggest recruiting Ron Paul. The Republican Party made it very clear that they didn't want him, and I think it's about time the Canadian masses were introduced to the philosophy of liberty.

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