Monday, September 17, 2012

Military Worship

After the destruction of the World Trade Center, Canadians became just as gullible as their American counterparts. Jean Chretien even went as far to suggest that the 9/11 attacks were a result of Western values. Eleven years later, Americans, especially young Americans, are waking up. Many are realizing that their government has built a world empire and that it is precisely this foreign policy that causes hatred of America around the world. Unfortunately in the years after 9/11, Canadians are reversing their commitment to peaceful relations abroad. Many cling to the "they hate our freedom" idiocy and view military intervention as the only means to a stable peaceful world.

In Canada, War is Peace.

Afghanistan was a non-issue in the last election; Libyans were bombed and massacred without a debate. Now it's Syria's turn. There was controversy over the Conservative purchase of some bombers, but not over the fact that these bombers will be used for murder. Yuppies stand up and salute soldiers at hockey games; the 401 from Trenton to Toronto has now been renamed the "Highway of Heroes." The kind of military propaganda that has plagued America for decades is now commonplace in the "True North, Strong and Free."

After 9/11, Canadian parliament passed the Anti-Terrorism Act. This Act gives police, judges and other bureaucrats the right to conduct secret trials and pre-emptively detain suspects. Once you've been labelled a terrorist, you no longer have any rights.

Canadian politicians used to attend Sikh parades and make appearances with Tamil Tiger supporters. They promoted "dialogue" between Israel and its enemies. At the United Nations, Canadian bureaucrats would often support the denunciations of Israeli terrorism. Nowadays, listening to Stephen Harper's support of Israel is akin to the religious right of the GOP. And it's not just Harper but all parties and all politicians. Fighting terrorism has replaced fighting the Communists. Unfortunately for Canadians, individual citizens are becoming the terrorists.

In 2009 Wikileaks released the MIAC report, a government document that labelled Ron Paul supporters and opponents of the North American Union as domestic terrorists. Although nothing has leaked from the RCMP or CSIS, it's likely they have similar documents.

Orwell's nightmare is becoming a reality. And as long as yuppies keep posting bumper stickers to their cars (if you don't stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them!) then Canada will continue down the creeping path toward a totalitarian society.

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