Friday, July 6, 2012

STFU Liberals!

Every once in a while I visit the Liberal Party website just to see what's up. Today, I came across this post:

Help Liberals reach out to young people this summer

Are the Grits preparing to launch the Canadian version of the Ron Paul R3volution? Don't hold your breath. The R3volution is (or was?) an organic process that derived from Paul's consistency and love for freedom. Even a bastardized version of the movement directed by Liberal Party elites is unlikely to occur anytime soon. So what's this post about? Let's allow Carolyn Bennett to explain it in her own words,

Liberal MPs and Senators are focusing their summer activities on youth-related issues as they travel the country speaking to Canadians. In particular, Liberals understand that Canada’s....

Liberals don't understand jack-shit. That's the problem.

Bennett goes on,

This summer we need young Canadians to know these five important facts.

Jesus Christ, lady. Seriously? This summer the Liberals need to STFU and listen to young people. Not the reverse.

Thanks to Mr. Harper, Canada’s youth will be working longer than previous generations, and they will have to clean up the mess this government has created by cutting pensions, abdicating responsibility for our public health care system, gutting environmental regulations and smearing Canada’s reputation on the international stage.

No, no, no.  Thanks to the entire political establishment, Canada's youth will be cleaning up the mess left over from the 20th century. Coercive pension plans financed by borrowing from unborn children? Printing more money to cover up the enormous inefficiencies of the state-run health-care system? Refusing to recognize private property rights thus causing so-called "market failures" like externalities? Or what about stealing from innocent people to finance a global government hellbent on controlling the world's resources on the pretext of "sustainability" ?

These issues go far beyond Harper and petty partisan politics.

Youth have a right to be consulted on the country we are going to leave them

Good point. So take your own advice and STFU. How's that for a summer campaign?

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