Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Some Headlines...

Today I was walking home from the bank when I saw a police goon walking the street. A man a bicycle rode past and the goon shouted "Walk the bike! This is a main street, take a walk" or something to that extent. The man on the bike, smiling, got off and started walking his bike. Nevertheless, the cop approached the victim and said, "You wouldn't be smiling if I gave you $120 ticket."

What an asshole.

Anyway, here are some Canadian headlines for the day:

Canada.com - Canada one of worst places to invest in 2012: No surprise there. With the amount of taxes, regulation and corporate subsidies, this ain't no place for the little guy. I'll take Simon Black's advice, paraphrased as "Stay the fuck out of the West!!!"

CBC - Canadians OK with higher taxes to fight inequality: Speak for yourself. "The survey of 2000 Canadians, commissioned by the left-leaning Broadbent Institute" is another way of saying, Canadians OK with economic ignorance to create more poverty.

Edmonton Journal - Business optimism up, Bank of Canada reports: "Canadian business leaders are warming to the idea of a sustained recovery." They shouldn't.

680 News - Bank of Canada debt warnings having an impact: On everyone except the BoC. It appears Carney is either too wicked or too stupid to realize that his monetary policy is the reason why debt levels are as high as they are.

The Toronto Star - New NDP TV ad emphasizes continuity over change: “Jack’s vision is in good hands.” That's what I'm afraid of.

Reuters - Bank of Canada buys back C$1 bln of bonds: Financial terrorism. It happens all the time.

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