Thursday, February 9, 2012

Harper driven by libertarian ideology and other news...

The Toronto Star: So long, historically low mortgage rates - And hello recession.

The Globe and Mail:
Can Canada’s flawed copyright bill be stopped? - It kills entrepreneurship and innovation, among other things.

CNET: Apple supplier Foxconn hit by hackers - "in response to all the reports of poor and demeaning working conditions at the manufacturer's factories across China..." Now I'm not publicly advocating "Swagg Security" hack the US government, but if they did...

The New York Times:
Next Supercontinent Will Form in Arctic, Geologists Say - Head for the Arctic! There's gold, oil and new land!

The National Post:
NASA to spend up to $1-billion on new space taxi designs - For astronauts, not the public. What if in the early 70's instead of closing the gold window, Nixon had followed the Constitution? Do you think the privatized NASA would form into competitive agencies dependent on consumers wishes for space flight and moon bases? Something like 2001: A Space Odyssey? The technology is there, it's just the State that's in the way.

Canadian Newswire: Economic optimism faltering on the Prairies: RBC Canadian Consumer Outlook - Reality is setting in.

The Chronicle Herald: Harper government fails to turn Page - What Page doesn't understand is Canada's prosperity is prompt up by artificial interest rates. Not trying to defend the Harper government, but projecting "manageable and affordable" increases in OAS to 2030 is just plain foolish.

The Toronto Sun:
Ont. couple to pay thousands for assessment after aboriginal remains found on property - Those poor property owners (I'm being sincere here)... Remember kids: shoot, shovel and shut up. Or in this case: don't call the police, destroy the evidence and bribe the contractor.

Winnipeg Free Press:
Harper driven by libertarian ideology, not reality - Starts off with an interesting quote from Harper, but the rest is a libertarian hit piece that fails to see how a social safety net could be provided voluntarily. That is, without using guns, violence and robbery to get what you want.

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