Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another Round of Headlines

The National Post - Canada’s coming equalization war: "Former Bank of Canada governor David Dodge... predicted the changing nature of international terms of trade will “jeopardize the sustainability of the current system,” noting that 70% of the population now lives in “have-not” provinces. Mr. Dodge said Ontario will inevitably require a larger slice of intergovernmental transfers over the next eight years – from 15% to 25%"

A country where 30% subsidies the 70% is unsustainable. A good option would be for the Ontario government to abolish all the regulations that hinder the manufacturing sector. A better option would be to legalize competing currencies. The best option would be for all 10 provinces and 3 territories to separate into individual nations (and then have municipalities separate, then have individuals declare their sovereignty).

National Post
- Car hacking, the crime of tomorrow: I'm telling ya, computers are the new weapons. What if instead of getting revenge on his former-employers, Ramos-Lopez had hacked a car full of globalists? Imagine a stalled car outside the gates of a Bilderberg meeting? With all those protesters there? Surely the police would do something... yet their equipment is also very computerized. This is only the beginning, hacking has leveled the playing field for "we the people" vs. the Military Industrial Complex.

National Post - Quebec on pace to become Canada’s poorest province: You know why Quebec will never separate? They can't afford their socialist welfare state without stealing (i.e. equalization) from the rest of the country.

National Post - CSIS may use information from torture in ‘exceptional’ cases: Vic Toews: God I hate the State.

The Toronto Star - ORNGE scandal teaches belated lessons: ORNGE is Ontario’s air ambulance service. Over the past few weeks The Star has uncovered a bunch of useless corrupt bureaucrats who are lining their own pockets with our money. This article is an attempt to offer solutions. But what is the one and only solution, the one The Star obviously ignores? Privatization, of course.

The Toronto Star - Majority of Canadians support return of death penalty, poll finds: Another reason why democracy is stupid.

The Toronto Star
- Canada’s wealth-sharing plan is unconstitutional, study says: Another equalization article. Forget the term "unconstitutional," what about immoral? Inefficient? Noneffective? In order to make this program work violence is required. The State must force money from group A to give it to group B. Force. As in non-peaceful, involuntary, war-like actions. That alone should be enough raise some fundamental questions about the role of the State in our apparent "free" society.

The Globe and Mail
- Unemployment is actually worse than numbers show: Obviously.

The Globe and Mail - A taxing dilemma: What’s the optimal rate for the rich?: No dilemma, it's 0%. It's the optimal rate for everyone, rich, poor, white, black, etc.

The Globe and Mail - Ontario needs to take its medicine: Ontario is the "sick man of Canada" in another article about equalization and how Ontario is fucked... unless the government shrinks, taxes are reduced to near zero and all the regulations and... well, you get the point.

The Globe and Mail - Why do we need an anti-bullying law? In short, we don't. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty said, “We will not tolerate bullying of any kind, at any time, for any reason,” I guess that means taxation is out of the question? Forcing people to pay for your organization sounds like bullying to me... I like how this article ends:

I feel sorry for the schools. They’ve become extensions of the nanny state, burdened with implementing every faddish notion from 100-per-cent injury-free playgrounds to healthy snacks, and a bizarre form of math that won’t teach your kid to add or subtract but will ask her to explain how she got the answer. Maybe we should blow up the giant school-board bureaucracies and the ministries of education, give the money to the teachers and let them run the schools again. The kids will have more time for learning stuff, and the teachers will have more freedom to make them behave. Maybe what we really need is a law for that.

Better option would be not to force people to pay for schools and have the parents voluntarily give their money to the teacher they felt was most capable of giving their children a decent education.

The Globe and Mail - Tory MP retracts statement likening Liberal support of gun registry to Hitler’s policies: Ahhh, but it's true! Gun control is key to establishing tyranny. There's 100% truth to the claim that when only police have weapons, you're living in a police state.

The Globe and Mail - Iran as sequel? Another bomb: An excellent article about how all this war propaganda is a bad sequel to 2003's invasion of Iraq... Did you read that? 2003. Are the sheeple that dumb that not even ten years can go by without them falling for it again?

Financial Post - Rising U.S. student debt could be next ‘bomb’ for economy: And it's coming to Canada too.

Financial Post - Ethanol gives the economy a boost: Classic example of focusing on one group in the short run instead of all groups in the long run. It's too bad Henry Hazlitt couldn't have lived to be 118 years old (although I guess 98 ain't too shabby).

Financial Post - This bill is no SOPA: Barry Sookman, STFU.

The Montreal Gazette - Bank of Canada touts reforms: "An underperforming global economy is "not an excuse" to delay vital financial sector reforms ...according to the senior deputy governor of the Bank of Canada." Yeah, so let's start with legalizing competing currencies, ending the Chartered Bank oligopoly and abolishing the Bank of Canada.

The Montreal Gazette - Ban the butt for a greener, cleaner world: First they drive the smokers outside, then they complain that the streets are full of smokers and their (cigarette) butts. I'm not a smoker, but I hate it when I see an editorial like this or witness a passing of another anti-smoking bill. A loss of their freedom is our loss too. First they come for the smokers, then they come for the rest of us.

Reuters - Bank of Canada says consumers living beyond means: Yeah, no shit. It's time to start raising interest rates.

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