Wednesday, December 28, 2011

John Baird is a Moron

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird and the rest of the Conservative government may have gotten Canada out of Kyoto, but they still cling to the junk-science of anthropic global warming and the dangerous notions that this a global problem that requires global solutions.

But there's another reason Baird is a moron. He said that, "Foreign policy has become even more important to the economy. It's really essential." But instead of dismantling the military (or at least partaking in a major reduction), the Tories have increased the budget from $700 million in 2006 to $2.8 billion in 2011.

"We don't develop foreign policy to be popular around the world. Sometimes you're alone saying something, and then a number of years later, it's conventional wisdom."

I think that applies to Ron Paul's philosophy more so than this neo-con idiot world-view.

"I think Libya's a big success because of strong leadership on behalf of the prime minister," Baird says, though he also praises Gen. Charles Bouchard, the Canadian commander who oversaw the NATO operation.

In fact, Baird describes Libya as Canada's biggest diplomatic accomplishment in the past year.

"No doubt the diplomatic work, the coalition-building and the military success in Libya was a big one for Canada," he says. "How many thousands, tens of thousands, of civilian lives were saved? It's just a remarkable accomplishment."

I think I'm going to puke. There's no real rebuttal to this sheer lunacy. Where does one even start? How can I deconstruct this insanity and bring logic to it? Perhaps it's best to shut up and sing along with the sheeple: War is Peace!

Ah, that feels better.

But nothing is bigger than the United States, and Baird identifies the recent Canada-U.S. border security agreement as the best example of "traditional diplomacy" from the last year.

"It took a solid, personal relationship at the top between the prime minister and the president in order to initiate something, successfully see its conclusion and announce it," Baird says

These border agreements and other "partnerships" (see, SPP) are all part of a larger plan to create a North American Union. Ramblings of a conspiracy theorist? So too were the dissenters warning Europeans of similar economic agreements and integration. International bankers have been able to do with paper what Napoleon, Hitler and Stalin couldn't do with guns.

While we may be years away (if ever) from a common currency called the Amero, it's a fact that the Bank of Canada centrally plans the purchasing power of the Canadian currency. A little under par with the US dollar is considered ideal for the Goldman Sachs terrorists running the Canadian central bank. So I guess the Amero is already here, the powers that be have just kept the currency designs separate as to not alarm anyone.

So where does this leave John Baird and his moronic statements? He's a politician - a puppet for special interests groups, a propagandist for the masses.

If anyone wants a real look into what Canadian foreign policy is, and why it is the way it is, I suggest Todd Gordon's Imperialist Canada. Although a little left-wing (he uses the phrases capitalism and free market interchangeably when he actually means 'crony capitalism'), it is an excellent book that discredits the notion that Canadians are international peace-keepers.

It also discredits idiotic statements like this:
Sitting in his 10th-floor office at Foreign Affairs headquarters, Baird says the government is simply undoing years of damage wreaked by Liberal governments in the 1990s and early 2000s.

"The military was gutted for 13 years," he says. "Even the man the Liberals appointed to be chief of defence staff (Rick Hillier) called it a 'decade of darkness.'"

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