Monday, November 28, 2011

Heather Mallick is a Moron (and she hates Ron Paul too)

Of all the Star columnists, I think Heather Mallick may be the worst. She's definitely my least favourite; I don't even like to hate her, like I do with David Olive.

Mallick has written a piece called "Seeking the least worst Republican"

I almost stopped reading when I read the second paragraph.

With the Democrats sticking to the facts, that raising taxes will provide revenue and cutting spending at this low point will kill jobs, and Republicans catering to the Tea Party, who will accept nothing less than scorched earth,

Now true, a lot of people in the Tea Party are clueless, but whatever Mallick is smoking should be discouraged (albeit, legalized). If Mallick followed her "fact" to its logical conclusion she would have to admit that government spending is superior than the market. That it is better for governments to control wealth and create employment than for people to voluntarily associate and exchange with each other.

Therefore we can conclude, under Mallick's reasoning, that communism is superior to capitalism.

I'll take the scorched earth option.

I continued reading this illogical brain-dead propaganda piece just to see what she wrote about Ron Paul (if anything was written at all). Alas, here it is:

I opposed the Central Committee for its dreadful historical precedents. You can’t elect a Senate and a House and then ask a dozen members (the Democrats had one women, the Republicans none) to run things. The Soviets did this. Indeed “soviet” means “government council.” The Chinese do it (quite well, actually), but it isn’t democracy. Why not just vote for a Star Chamber? It would be cheaper and just as ineffective.

I fear Ron Paul might actually favour this. In the event, the thing is dead, may it never rise again.

Ron Paul wants a Soviet/Chinese Star Chamber? She obviously doesn't know who the hell Ron Paul is (and if all she watches is mainstream news, I can see why) or she really is a complete moron.

Ron Paul. He wants to end the American empire, bring the troops home, end the war on drugs, end the Fed, restore sound money and obey the Constitution.

He's an Austrian economist, physician, veteran, historian and a brilliant political philosopher. He's a man of peace and freedom, not of war and control.

Heather Mallick, shut the fuck up.

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  1. I agree totally with how misdirected the media is and in turn misdirects our opinions and thoughts... there is only 2 schools of thought... either its done on purpose, or the complete lack of understanding us downright shameful and almost criminal of misrepresenting and distorting facts.

    The 5th Estate is supposed to be there to protect us.... and is totally compromised to special interests... whomever they may be...

    Although, history gives us the answer if we look hard enough and follow the money.