Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's Official -- The Toronto Star is Communist Propaganda

Here's a nice little op-ed from a few days ago.

In Mises' time, economists had to deal with socialists trying to disprove the economic calculation problem. In our time, socialists have fully embraced the problem and call it a solution.

Edmund Pries:

Our future as a society rests not only on calculations of financial cost to individual tax payers, but on the assessment of communal value. Of course, a civic community’s “balance sheet,” like that of a province or a country, is vitally important, but that balance sheet must also embrace social, community and environmental values.

Obviously, value is subjective for each individual. This kind of irrational "communal value" calculation will only destroy prosperity.

Apparently, calling yourself a "taxpayer" is a bad thing. It's not paying taxes that is evil, it's the language:

If everyone is an individual paying their own way, whether in health care or other social services, taxes will always be viewed as a burden, not as a contribution to the communal good. The socially destructive agenda of taxpayer language is clear.

I guess the term "New Socialist Man" has now been redefined. It's now proper to call your fellow man "Citizen"

We need a strong community that provides the full infrastructure for a healthy communal life. In short: we need to view ourselves and each other as citizens. So, next time a politician addresses you as taxpayer, correct him or her and assert your status as a citizen.

Fuck you Edmund Pries.

*Also read George Bragues take-down of this propaganda*

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