Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Headlines for Sept 13 2011

Financial Post: Could Canada be first to stumble?

Absolutely. I've been predicting this since I started this blog a year ago. Am I psychic? Hell no, I have a solid understanding of the Austrian business cycle theory. So while economists that work for the Banks are talking about a 2.2% reduction of GDP in the 4th quarter (is this economics or a football game?), I've been talking about human action. Central planning of the economy always fails. Always.

Brace yourself Canadians, this shit is about to get real.

CBC: Brian Topp first to declare for NDP leadership race
'It's going to be fun,' Topp says. 'Together we will get the job done'

Oh my God! It's Stalin!!!!

The Toronto Star: Denise Carpenter, president and CEO of the Canadian Nuclear Association: It’s time to reinvest in nuclear

Here's an op-ed with no bias at all. The problem with Canada's energy needs is a problem with supply and demand. There's a disconnect between producers and consumers. This is a direct result of government intervention: reckless monetary policy that distorts prices and causes the business cycle; the oligopolies, crown corporations, fiscal policies and other economic restrictions that provide monopoly positions. In this world the consumer is not king. This is not capitalism but a crony version of it that benefits a few at the expense of all. Now ask yourself, do you really want this system building nuclear power plants?

I'd prefer to let consumers have the final decision, that is, leave the decision to the free, voluntary, unhampered market economy. Get government out of the nuclear business.

Globe and Mail: Household debt rises in second quarter

Good news everyone! People are spending! The economy must be growing...

The Toronto Star: Leading bankers predict slowing global economy, not recession

Not surprised. The BIS is full of a bunch of criminals, of course they're going to lie to us.

CBC: Stockwell Day, "Time to face taboo of 'two-tier' health-care"

Stockwell Day is certainly no role model and his conclusions in this editorial are much too moderate. Although his views on the political repercussion of supporting two-tier is spot on. Not bad for a moron.

The Globe and Mail: Income inequality rising quickly in Canada

The result of bad monetary policy and government coercion. There's nothing wrong with completely unregulated capitalism, as long as government is virtually nonexistent. It's government's monopoly power that creates discrepancies such as extreme income inequality.

CBC: Do you buy grocery products from in-store specialty brands?

Walk into a grocery store. It is a giant air-conditioned warehouse full of hundreds upon hundreds of different kinds of food – all for a low price. There's something for everybody, regardless of your tastes or income.

God I love capitalism.

CBC: Canada unfreezing $2.2B in Libyan assets

Hand me thar that booty!

Now I'm not Parliamentary scholar, so correct me if I'm wrong. The US invasion of Libya was illegal because, according to their laws, Obama needed congressional approval, which he did not have. In Canada this war is perfectly legal because a majority of MP's voted for it? The same amount of bloodshed has been cast, the NATO-led forces put Al-Qaeda in power and now Canadians are paying for another war. Anyone else see how fucked this is?

Here's a piece of legislation reminiscent of the Bush administration. Thanks government, you're really making us proud.

“Canada had also imposed other sanctions, separate from the UN, and they were lifted earlier this month. Those sanctions had prevented Canadian companies from doing business with Libyan companies that are not owned by the state.”

“The NTC's representative in Ottawa, Abubaker Karmos, has been asking for the assets to be unfrozen so that funds could be used to stabilize Tripoli and other areas that were devastated by the conflict. Karmos said the capital was going without running water and electricity for days at a time and was low on medical, fuel and other supplies.”

Fuck You Harper:

“In March, Canada joined a UN-sanctioned NATO air mission to protect civilians in Libya. That mission, based in Trapani, Italy, has been extended once and was due to end Sept. 27, but Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada will continue its commitment until "the job is finished."

The government has repeatedly said Canada wouldn't send ground troops into the country, but CBC News has learned there are members of the Canadian Forces on the ground in Libya.”

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