Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yay! The Election is Over!

I hate politics; it is, after all, virtually always a struggle among criminals for the power to loot and kill our fellow men. Elections are corrupt and corrupting, even when they don’t stuff the ballot boxes. In other words, politics is government. But I can’t take my eyes off politics. It’s as if I’m passing a train wreck and slowing down. I can’t help it. - Lew Rockwell

Thank God the election is over. After this, I swear no more political posts.... no that's a lie. There'll just be fewer.

Tory majority: Sweet now we can cut taxes and privatize: Canada Post, health-care, highways, millions of acres of crown land, the AECL, the CBC, VIA Rail, the CPP, ..... oh wait? They're just going to continue big government spending and criminalize marijuana possession and gay marriage? ... Fuck.

NDP Surge: Probably a fluke. Those Quebecois can never make up their minds (remember the Action démocratique du Québec party?) But good for the NDP. Canadians are socialists anyway, it's about time most of them admit it. Plus, it's not like Layton can actually do anything. 102 seats notwithstanding, it's a majority government! It's basically a 4-year dictatorship!

The Grits: Oh my God that's funny... But no worries! Just put Bob Rae in and bring down the government in 12 months...oh wait... Majority government... Ha!

The Bloc: A bunch of separatist socialists beat out by federal socialists. Some of which barely speak French..... Can't imagine this being far from over. The Bloc Quebecois will return!

The Greens: Goddamnit! I really hate those environmental fascists and the blind support young people give them. And now we get 4 straight years to listen to the dribble coming out of Elizabeth May's mouth... Speaking of which, anyone catch her last night before her victory speech? The CBC asked her two questions: one about how she won without any media support. Her answer was that it's the voters decision, not the media's. Then the CBC reporter asked her why national support for her party dropped: May answered that it was because the media was ignoring the Party.... really May? It had nothing to do with the voters decisions? This woman literally contradicted herself in a 20 second time frame. On live TV. House of Commons sessions should be interesting...

Christian Heritage: After the Greens and a multitude of independents, the Christian fanatics came in with 0.1% of the vote, or 19,153 people.

Marxist–Leninist: Yup. And that's just one of the two "official" communist parties (the NDP being unofficially number three). It seems that 10,046 people want full fledged communism right now.

Libertarian: This is Canada, so obviously the Marxists get 10,000 votes and the Libertarians get only 5,995. But this figure could be misleading: Not every riding had a libertarian candidate and some liberty-minded individuals like myself don't bother voting at all... But of course, that same logic can be applied to the Marxists.

Regardless, it was a pointless night. Certainly not the results anyone was expecting back in March, but historic or not, elections are still pointless. So what's the alternative? A private law society. It may take a few generations to build, so it's best to acknowledge asap that democracy is the god that failed.

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