Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Toronto Star – Five Issues Being Ignored This Election

Finally the Toronto Star publishes something worthwhile.


How Canada is going to cope with the massive demographic shift that has already begun.

How can the State possibly finance this massive shift of tax producers to tax consumers.

The growing number of State-dependent baby-boomers will be a massive drain on private sector wealth. Bringing in more immigrants won't solve the problem.

What any of the party leaders will actually do to sustain medicare.

Other than throwing money at the problem – what's the plan?

If billions of dollars were instead spent on privately operated, competitive health-care related voluntary accreditation agencies and charitable organizations – Canadians could be receiving a higher quality of universal health-care; provided by the free market, not government coercion.

When Ottawa will bring Canada’s employment insurance system into the 21st century.

When will Ottawa start privatizing its numerous insurance schemes?

EI is slow, inefficient and costly to taxpayers. Any social insurance scheme found in government can be provided far more effectively by a genuine free market – at no costs to taxpayers.

How much longer the 10-year security build-up will go on.

When will everyone admit that Canada is becoming a fascist police state?

What any party plans to do to stem the polarization that is turning Canada into a nation of “haves” and “have-nots,” with a shrinking middle class.

What any party plans to do about the monetary system, the redistribution of wealth and the denial of sound money and basic economics.

Regulations have only favoured big business by creating quasi-monopolies and anti-competitive conditions. High taxes and cheap credit have discouraged production, investment and savings. Banks are heavily regulated, subsidized and routinely lobby government for more benefits. Our currency is debt; transacting in anything but the State's debt paper is forbidden by law. Government force has usurped social services that were once provided by peaceful, charitable means. Problems blamed on the free market are the result of government interference. The high standard of living we owe to capitalism has been credited to government socialism. 1984-style propaganda is alive and well in 21st century Canada.

Until these issues (and many others) are addressed with seriousness, then elections, politics and voting will continue to be absolutely pointless.

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