Friday, April 22, 2011

NDP's, uh "Climate Change" Plan

Well today is Earth Day and the NDP are climbing in the polls. It's time to poke fun at the NDP's climate change policy.

4.1 Adopting the Climate Change Accountability Act

It should be clear to everyone by now that man-made global warming is a giant scam. Our grandchildren will look back and laugh at the stupidity of the populace.... or feel pity. In much the same way we feel pity about the Germans during Hitler's regime. “How could they let that happen?” we ask. Well, how could we let this happen?

We will re-introduce legislation to ensure that Canada meets the long-term target of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to a level 80 per cent below that of 1990 by the year 2050, and will establish interim targets for the period 2015-2045;

Orwell is rolling in his grave, banging on the casket, yelling at the top of his lungs to be let the fuck out. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is pure doublespeak for de-industrialization. If the interim targets are anything like what the Opposition tried to ram through before, then we can say goodbye to our standard of living and all the good that comes from civilization.

We will put a price on carbon through a cap-and-trade system, which will establish hard emissions limits for Canada’s biggest polluters to ensure companies pay their environmental bills and to create an incentive for emissions reductions;

Despite what some are claiming, a cap-and-trade system is not market-based. But of course, the NDP don't care about that. Cap and trade is essentially having the government nationalize the atmosphere and charge individuals to use it based on this phony “Co2 is bad!” hullabaloo.

We will work closely with the Obama administration in Washington to ensure a coordinated response to climate change, and we will seek at every opportunity to advance an integrated continental cap-and-trade system that ensures a level economic playing field for North American businesses;

Canadians should cringe at the “work closely with the Obama administration” comment. Just as they would if it had said “Bush administration.” Again, with this belief that human beings are destroying the planet and creating an Armageddon by shitting out Co2. A North American Union style cap-and-trade system that will “level [the] economic playing field” will do so by lowering that level to absolute poverty.

We will establish effective programs to help Canadian communities deal with the unfolding impacts of a warming planet, as well as live up to our international obligations to assist developing countries in mitigating and adapting to climate change.

The State cannot establish any effective programs. If it could, there'd still be a Soviet Union. Also, the planet isn't warming; turn off the computer models and do some actual empirical evidence... and foreign aid for global warming? God help us all if the NDP's popularity translates into ever having an NDP Prime Minister. (Although Harper's global warming propaganda is just as bad).

4.2 Ensuring Canada Becomes a World Leader in Renewable Energy

We will redirect revenues raised through the auctioning of emissions permits equitably across Canada into investments in green technologies, business and household energy conservation, public transit, support to renewable energy development, and transitioning workers to the green economy;

So let me get this straight: The NDP are going to nationalize the atmosphere, use the funds raised by this plunder to finance wealth-destroying projects like “investment” into green technology and public transit. In addition, nearly all “green” technologies require a fossil-fuel base. You can't build solar panels or wind turbines without oil, and that's unlikely to change anytime soon.

On a side note: I used the term “fossil fuel” but if Thomas Gold's work turns out to be true, oil has nothing to do with dead dinosaurs.

We will meet Canada’s G-20 commitment to cut subsidies to non-renewable energy and end the federal bias towards non-renewable energy production;

Canada's commitment to G-20 is Canada's commitment to the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group. It may be a conspiracy, but it's not a theory.

We will reallocate these subsidies to encourage cleaner energy production. Key priorities include:

I knew this would be the next point. End subsidies to oil companies. Great! Give subsidies to “green” energy producers. Not so great.

Working with the provinces and territories, we will reinstate federal financial incentives for clean power, including solar, wind, water, tidal, biomass, and other renewable sources for electricity production and from industrial co-generation, with a focus on supporting community-owned renewable energy facilities;

A further nationalization of Canada's energy sector.

Incentives to spur innovative “made in Canada” green technology solutions, including support for research, development and commercialization;

Economic nationalism – the baseline for all fascist dictatorships.

A revolving fund to provide ongoing federal support for home energy efficiency retrofits, to curb energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create local jobs while providing Canadians with permanent savings on their home energy bills;

I have no doubt the NDP will create local jobs. After all, with our standard of living so low and basic energy needs now non-existent, everyone will be thrown back to the 18th century. Everyone will work just to survive. Unfortunately for us, the difference will be that in old times people worked for themselves and their families. Under the NDP's eco-fasicism, everyone will be working for the State.

Managing transitional costs and re-engineering of energy-dependent industries to help them adapt to a low carbon world, including the development of a Green Jobs Fund to support workers though the transition to a clean energy economy;

More economic nationalism, more nationalizations. All the Green movement is, is the combination of eugenics and communism. Be afraid, very afraid.

Support for low-income and energy-dependent individuals to ensure that rising energy costs do not exacerbate growing inequality;

Socialism. It's here for all to see.

Training programs for green energy engineers, technicians, construction workers, and maintenance and audit professions.

If the State is going to provide all the jobs might as well have them provide the training.

We will develop cumulative impact assessments and environmental regulations to protect fishery and trans-boundary waters, and science-based monitoring and enforcement for the oil sand sector;

It hasn't worked in the past and it won't work now. Privatize all land and water.

We will develop, in consultation and cooperation with provincial, territorial and Aboriginal governments, unions, energy providers, environmental organizations, and other stakeholders a comprehensive strategy for our country’s long-term energy security in a lower carbon future. Our energy policies will put Canadians first;

Is that it? What kind of plank is that?

Recognizing that oil and gas will continue to play a prominent role in our energy mix in the medium term, we will discourage bulk exports of our unprocessed resources and encourage value-added, responsible upgrading, refining and petrochemical manufacturing here in Canada to maximize the economic benefits and jobs for Canadians.

So basically, the NDP will “discourage” (as in ban, or nationalize) resource exports and have them manufactured in Canada instead. There's probably a reason this hasn't happened yet – foreigners are more efficient than Canadians. Any attempt to coercively change this will inevitably fail.

4.3 Establishing Green Bonds to Fund Research and Development

We will create a Green Bond Fund to allow Canadians to invest in a sustainable future by supporting solutions like green energy research and development and its commercialization and community-scale renewable projects.

Voluntary investment? Or is this just doublespeak for a new tax? Either way, I can't see this initiative being very effective considering the previous green policies will have already flung Canadians into absolute poverty.

4.4 Strengthening Public Transit for Liveable Cities

We will enact a National Public Transit Strategy in order to maintain and expand public transit across the country, with a clear mechanism for sustainable, predictable and long-term funding;

My God that sounds awful.

We will immediately allocate another cent of the existing gas tax to public transit funding for municipalities;

How about immediately scrapping the gas tax and encouraging the privatization of public transit?

We will encourage transit use by providing a tax exemption for employee workplace-based transit passes.

Creating incentives for more people to use taxpayer transit.... does that really sound like a good idea?

I guess that's it... NDP, Tory, Grit, whatever. These “green” policies will absolutely destroy our standard of living and bring civilization to a stand-still. Green is the new Red. Environmentalism is the new Eugenics.

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