Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Truth About Tim

I'm no Hudak fan. He may campaign as a quasi-libertarian, but as we'll see, no real change comes from elections. Regardless, there's this website called This site takes all the good points from the Tory platform and spins it to make Hudak look like Hitler. I don't know who is behind the site (probably the Liberal front-group “Working Families”). Hudak is trying to counteract these claims by saying they're not true. I don't understand that approach. Instead, Hudak should justify these positions. Allow me to help out:

Tim Wants Two-Tier Education

Fuck yeah!

Tim would stop full-day kindergarten dead in its tracks - leaving about 200,000 4 and 5 year olds out in the cold.

Full-day indoctrination prisons for 4 and 5 year olds – that's child abuse. These 200,000 children will not be left “out in the cold.” They will stay home with their parents where they can get a real education. They can keep warm by the warming glow of a computer screen. Kids are naturally curious, the internet is a marvelous tool. We don't need these State-run “education” camps anymore.

Given the full day learning has been called “a great investment” by former PC Premier Bill Davis, and “as good for families and children as it is for Ontario’s economic recovery,” by Annie Kidder of People for Education, Tim’s policy just doesn’t make sense unless...

Bill Davis isn't the Premier anymore, so he can just shut the fuck up. Also, having the State tax and spend is not good for an economic recovery. Annie Kidder is an economic illiterate (thanks to public education).

You remember that his PC party’s priority is to take your hard-earned tax dollars and funnel them into private, religious schools: “Conservative MPP Tim Hudak says his party shouldn’t give up on trying to financially help families who send their children to private religious schools

It's a tricky issue, and Hudak doesn't want to lose the election. That's why politics and voting is stupid. Also, I don't see McGuinty ending any subsidies to private schools. He's had eight years to do it.

Tim Will Gut our Health Care System

Decriminalize private care and this won't be a problem.

Tim will cut at least $3 billion annually from the health care Ontario families and seniors count on. That's the equivalent of firing 30,000 nurses or cutting 90% of Long Term beds

Welcome to the age of austerity. These cuts are necessary and can be offset by legalizing a two-tier system.

Dr. Phil says past behaviour is the best predicator of future behaviour so let’s look at what happened the last time Tim was in government:
closed 28 hospitals
cut 5000 hospital beds
fired 8,000 nurses

Please tell me we're talking about a different Dr. Phil... Last time Tim was in government he wasn't running the show. But again, these cuts are necessary and can be offset by legalizing private health-care. Feel free to keep your State-run health system, but let individuals opt out and pay directly. What is this? Soviet Russia?

Tim was one of ONLY 6 MPPs out of 107 to vote against the Smoke Free Ontario Law making it harder for children to buy cigarettes

That was a coercive law that prevents private business owners from allowing consumers (who voluntarily enter the premises) to smoke on private property. In addition, hiding smokes behind the counter of convenience stores doesn't make it harder for children to buy cigarettes. Any law that attempts to prevent children from smoking will only send the ones that do want to smoke into the black market.

Tim’s Top Priority is NOT Your Family’s Health

Good. It shouldn't be. Since when is it the State's responsibility to protect my family's health?

Tim opposed closing our dirty smog producing coal plants.

Tim opposed closing a perfectly good operating energy plant? Today's technology has turned coal clean, save for Co2 emissions. But Co2 is not a problem. And it was a pretty good idea to oppose closing coal plants. Read my post about the results and consequences of shutting them down.

He voted against the Ban on Cosmetic Use of Pesticides - he doesn't think government should be involved in preventing cancer but no one's tougher on dandilions

Tim doesn't think government should be involved in banning consumer goods... Man, this website is actually making Tim Hudak (a parasitic politician) look good.

He voted against the Greenbelt and is now pledging to open it up to developers

He voted against the State's ownership of the Greenbelt. Privatizing it could open it up to developers or environmental groups that have every right to buy it and preserve it. Private property is the key to freedom and prosperity.

He wants to scrap the Green Energy Act, and wants to stop the development of wind and solar power

Good! By “development of wind and solar power” I think this site meant to type “subsidies for wind and power” because that's all it is. The energy sector in this province is total Soviet-style centrally controlled. That's a scary thought. Unfortunately I don't see Tim dismantling this system anytime soon. And the Liberals have only made the situation worse.

Tim Sides with Big Pharma over Ontario Families

Cheaper medicine for the sick and elderly or big pharma profits? For Tim, it’s a no brainer: He’s against lowering the cost of prescription drugs by 50%

You can't pass a law and just lower the price of consumer goods. There's a market, and it's got laws. The best way to lower prices isn't through legislation but removing all subsidies and government interventions in the pharmacy market.

It's probably just a coincidence that his very own campaign manager was the mastermind behind big pharma’s push to protect their profits

Well finally, this site brings up a good point. Like all politicians and bureaucrats, the Tories are just as corrupt as every other political party in this province (and country). There's nothing wrong with protecting profits, but when businesses run to government for help, then we have a problem. And the pharmacy industry may be one of the worst for this (perhaps only second to clean energy corporations).

Well that's it. The Ontario election is sometime this Fall and despite who wins, the Ontario people will lose.


  1. "What is this? Soviet Russia?"

    Well, I'm not alone in finding canerduh rather more fascist with soviet-style propaganda. Not to nit pick. :-)

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