Saturday, March 26, 2011

Here's What You Need To Know About The Election

People are going to encourage you to vote on May 2nd. Do as you please, as I'm not here to tell you otherwise. All I want to do with this post is explain what each party stands for. Of course, some of you may find this all pointless and you'd be correct. I don't vote because it only encourages the bastards. As well, voting is completely useless (see this or this).

Nevertheless, if your interested – here's what you need to know about the May 2nd election.

The Bloc

Duceppe can just shut the fuck up. He claims Harper hasn't done anything for Quebec, but as anyone with a half a brain can see, every single prime minister in recent history has bent over backwards pleasing the Quebec electorate in order to steal votes away from the Bloc.

Quebec is the favourite province in terms of federal money and attention. They have nothing to complain about.... in fact, if other provinces want the same treatment, it'd be wise for them to start their own separatist party.

The Green Party

Considering that Elizabeth May is still campaigning on pseudoscience (man-made global warming) she's already alienated Canadians that are critical thinkers. The environment is a real concern, but trying to change something out of our control is scientific nonsense. In a libertarian sense, I have no problem with the Green Party. They could campaign on privatizing crown land, garbage dumps and enforcing private property laws to include pollution... But instead they've taken the socialist route.

The New Democratic Party

The NDP are authoritarian maniacs. They believe in increasing State power, limited freedom of choice and violations of private property. As I've written about before, the NDP are environmental fascists, they're economic communists and they believe in centrally planning society. If someone could please tell me how their policies differ from socialist dictatorships, please let me know.... “But Jack Layton is sooo nice!” is not an answer.

In addition, I'll retract everything I just said if the NDP can solve the Economic Calculation Problem.

The Liberal Party

The term “liberal” traditionally means limited government, enforcing private property laws, sound money and personal liberty. The Liberal Party of Michael Ignatieff (or Bob Rae, or Dion, or Chretien, or Martin) is not a party of liberty. I've gone through some of their platform (food polices, the economy, open government, political rhetoric, family care plans) and I fail to see how this party is anything but NDP-lite.

What the Liberal Party needs is the Canadian version of Ron Paul.... and no. It is not Trudeau's kid.

The Conservative Party

Where do I even start? In the last five years they've wasted billions on prisons, fighter jets, “stimulus”, bank bailouts, insuring bad mortgages (housing bubble, anyone?) and countless other boondoggles. I've gone through all but their last parliamentary sessions and I fail to see any change from the previous Liberal governments.

Tory or Grit we're still on the road to serfdom.


  1. I just happened to found your blog via mises. It's so funny that you have the same kind of problems as we have (well funny isn't the right word) but liberals all over the worls seems to always be against everyone else. But in the end the liberals are those which pay their bills (and your bills and the government bills and)

    I guess German is not known here, but still I wrote something about our parties....

    Yeah we're absolutly sorry f.... ....

  2. Great post, Caleb. Its a miserable selection on offer, even if from a BCer's point of view it hardly matters anyway.