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Have Your Say Ontario – But Don't Say Too Much

Have you got this thing in the mail yet?

It's just more political bullshit. Timmy and his Provincial Cons oppose McGunity, but they don't have any alternative plans. I suppose this survey is meant to get a general idea of where the people of Ontario stand on certain issues. Appeal to voters, win votes, get power, then obey the lobbyists. But for the sake of argument, let's ignore that last point. Instead, let's have some fun with this survey.

Are you worried about your job security?
Yes No

Oh, I love simple answers like this. Remember when you could ask out a girl like this? You'd give her friend a note that asked “Do you like me?”, and she'd pass it onto your crush who would check “yes”, “no” or “maybe”. Where's the maybe in this question? As we'll see, this is just an example of how these survey questions are phrased to control the debate so the answers require some sort of State intervention.

What is the best way to attract and create good private sector jobs?

Competitive tax rates - how about voluntary tax rates?
Government grants and subsidies to business - no that doesn't make sense
Government investments in new infrastructure projects (e.g. new roads, bridges, and rail) - And this is the Conservative Party?... well I guess provincially they're still the Progressive Conservative party.
Competitive energy rates - No, no, no, we need to get the State out of the energy business. Especially in Ontario.
Increase consumer confidence/ability to spend - Oh definitely, because more debt is what we need right now.
Cutting red tape – Yes, there's the answer I'm checking. You also want my opinion about how to go about this? There's no comment box so I guess not.

Should the Ontario government provide tax incentives to help young people enter agriculture and the trades?
Yes No

Hmmm... well Timmy, there really shouldn't be taxes at all, so any kind of State incentive is most likely going to cause a misallocation of resources. In this case, young people's labour. But I do like agriculture, and I'd like to see more farmers. But that's just my opinion. Best to check off no.

Who can do the most to create or protect jobs for you, your children and your neighbours?

Small businesses - Yep. Absolutely.
Large corporations - Yes, again. Great way to create wealth and jobs.
Government - Yes but only by dismantling itself and relinquishing monopoly control.
Unions - Modern day unions? No. They destroy jobs.
It's up to each of us – Sure, I guess you could interpret it as “the free market.” Wealth and job creation relies on everyone using the voluntary market of exchange.

Which one initiative (because we can only pick one) would help businesses stay competitive and create the most jobs?

Payroll tax cuts(i.e. Employer Health Tax, WSIB premiums) - or no taxes at all. Just throwing that out there
Corporate income tax cuts - Yeah absolutely. Yes please.
Targeted tax credits (i.e. capital costs allowance, research and development tax credit) - No taxes.
HST rate cut - How about no HST?
Government grants and loans to businesses – Yeah, if you want to misallocate resources and destroy wealth. Then yeah, sure, go ahead.

The welfare system in Ontario is:
Too generous
Not generous enough
About right

How about a wretched, violent, perpetual bureaucratic system that creates a permanent impoverished underclass at the expense of everyone else. Is that an option I check off?

The conditions placed on those who receive social assistance are:
Too strict
Not strict enough
About right

Too public. Let's privatize this shit.

Should Ontario offer a tax credit to employers who hire long-term unemployed people to help upgrade their skills and prepare them to re-enter the workforce?
Yes No

No. Hudak, The Ontario State should just stay out of this business of providing tax credits. You shouldn't really tax to begin with, but I digress.

Some people say it is a good idea to allow welfare recipients to keep more of what they earn so they can accept a part-time job and start working again. Others believe you shouldn’t be able to collect welfare cheques while you have a job, even a part-time one. Which view do you support?

Allow welfare receipients to keep more of the money they earn

Do not allow welfare receipients to keep more of the money they earn

Well first off welfare recipients don't earn this money, it's given to them. Second, the State should get out of the welfare business. Period. So I really can't check off any of these options.

Do you agree the government should better utilize the private sector, non-profit organizations and volunteers in the delivery of social programs?
Yes No

Yes and the best way to do this is to just dismantle the State. Take steps to turn these social programs over to the free market and then get out of the business of forcibly collecting wealth from the people of Ontario.

To encourage the role of the not-for-profit sector in caring for the poor and less fortunate in Ontario, the government should:

Expand tax credits to encourage donations
Reward philanthropy and giving through public recognition
Link increases in Government funding to increases in private donations

Once again Timmy, the best answer is not provided. The State should relinquish all forms of control over welfare. This, in addition to the abolition taxes will encourage people to donate more. At least theoretically, with more money in our wallets we could just say fuck the poor and buy ourselves another house or car. But I honestly don't see that happening. A lot of people already donate to the poor. Imagine the possibilities if we could just keep all our money and voluntarily pay for the services we like.

For the services you receive from government, the current level of taxation is:
Too high
Too low
About right
Don't know

How about “none of the above?” Quality services or not, an institution that receives payment by force is criminal. There's no other way around this basic fact. Let's rephrase this question, “For the services you receive from government, the current level of violence and gun-use is: too high? Too low? About right? Don't know? Well get informed.

(Multiple answers allowed)
What specific tax credit would you most like to see? A tax credit to:

Help families by providing direct financial support to help with child care – Direct inflation. Let's just send checks to everybody then nobody has to work anymore!
Help with the costs of home renovations - sure, sounds great. I need a new kitchen. Puts the home renovation people to work. But in order to accomplish this someone somewhere is using force to make this financial support possible.
Help with the land transfer tax to assist with buying a home - We are in the middle of a real estate bubble. One that is, arguably, deflating. The last thing we need are more artificial incentives for people to buy homes.
Help those who care for loved ones who are sick and elderly - Helping the sick and elderly with violence. I don't think they'd like that very much. The old people I know are pretty peaceful. Let's use peaceful voluntary exchange to help the sick and elderly.
Make home mortgage interest tax deductible - Housing bubble. We're not immune to it old Tim-Tim.
Help with the cost of public transit – A forced transit system, then more funding to improve it's shitty service. Two birds one stone? Two guns, one taxpayer.

What kind of tax relief would best help you and your family budget?

Personal income tax cut - Income tax is slavery. We can sit here all day and debate taxes on consumer goods, imports, exports, or whatever. But an income tax is the State's claim that part, or half or even more of your income belongs to them. If 100% of our income was taxed, we'd all realize that we are slaves. Currently we are slaves once removed.
HST rate cut - How about no HST? And I say this not as a contemporary protester angry about this new tax. I say this as someone who really believes that taxation is theft. And I believe if you follow it to it's logical conclusion, if you think about taxation critically rather than just swallowing what we've been taught. If you do this honestly, then you'll come to the same conclusion: taxation is theft.
Exempt certain items from the HST - Same deal.
Targeted tax credits(e.g. Home Renovation, Child Care Benefit, etc.) - Technically, yes, this would help. But again, taxes are theft because this payment is not voluntary. So any kind of "tax credit" is patronizing.
Payroll tax reductions(e.g. Employer Health Tax, etc.) - See above.
None of the above
All of the above

Hudak, the best kind of tax relief that would help me and my family's budget, as well most of Ontario's families is no taxes at all. Of course some people will be negatively affected, but in the long-run we'll all be better off.

The existing HST agreement means the HST can’t be repealed until 2015 without paying back $4.3 billion to the Federal Government. However, many families need tax relief now. What action should be taken on the HST?

(Please select one)
Repeal - Yes! Finally I can check one off and feel good about it.
1% immediate HST rate cut
2% phased in HST rate cut
HST exemption on gasoline
HST exemption on hydro/heating
HST exemption on home renovation
Take no action in the HST

I would prefer the government provide:
More tax relief
More services
More infrastructure like roads, schools, and hospitals
A balanced budget and pay down the debt

I would prefer the government dismantle itself.

(Multiple answers allowed)

The expense that worries you the most is your:

Mortgage payment and property taxes
Hydro bill
Water bill(utilities)
Car insurance
Out of pocket fees for government services
Health services not covered by O.H.I.P. (please specify)
Then there's a little box you can fill out.

The expense that worries me the most is payment that I don't consent to, Tim. Getting a mortgage is voluntary but property taxes indicate that there is no private property. Hudak, if you do one thing right, it should be canceling the coercive Act that requires people to buy car insurance. I wonder how much the insurance companies spent on lobbying to get that Act passed.

I believe that the recent spike in my hydro bill is due to:

Harmonized Sales Tax
Smart Metres
Green Energy Act
Debt retirement
Actual costs of hydro

Well all five of those play a role, but the main issue, the core of Ontario's hydro fiasco is the State's control over this system. And that is a very very dangerous thing.

Do you support the government's decision to use taxpayers’ money to keep troubled businesses, like the auto sector, afloat?
Yes No

No that's retarded. Who would agree with that? Save for the beneficiaries of this money. But even they must have some kind of conscience.

Do you think increasing the debt now will mean higher taxes in the future to pay down the debt?
Yes No

Yeah. Tanstaafl.

The government should:

Focus on returning to a balanced budget as quickly as possible or,
Accept a deficit and maintain the size of government and current services

The State should receive payment voluntarily and allow those consumers to decide what they want from their government. Also, legalize competing currencies. You do that Hudak, and you'll go down in history as the greatest political leader in the history of the world. My guarantee.

To deal with Ontario's growing debt, the government should:

(Multiple answers allowed)

Institute a public sector wage freeze - Or relinquish monopoly control and privatize.
Sell downtown Toronto government buildings and move to cheaper office space elsewhere in the GTA - Sell all government buildings and don't move anywhere.
Cap public sector benefits - Or end the very concept of the public sector. The violence sector, as it should be called.
Reduce waste and duplication in government - Best way to do this – reduce government completely.
Reduce the size of the public sector - To nothing at all.
Eliminate corporate welfare – Hand-outs to big business is what causes resentment toward the private sector. The problem of corporations arise from government.
Cut non-core services like government licensing offices - Cut all government services. The power to license is the power to control.
The government’s debt is not a concern to me right now because of our economic challenges - In other words: I am a stupid Keynesian please continue with the free lunch, then tax the fuck out of my kids.
Sell a portion of crown land Sell all crown land!

Which environmental issue is of most concern to you?

Clean water
Loss of farm land
Logging of forests
Climate change
Air pollution
Growing landfills
Keeping hazardous materials out of landfills
and then there's a space to fill it in.

Well all those things concern me, I just don't believe the State can deal with any of those issues in any efficient or effective manner.

Do you support the installation of solar panels or windmills in your neighbourhood?
Yes No

If done privately – absolutely.

Should the Ontario government offer a tax credit or interest free loan for people who install renewable energy technology like solar panels in their homes?
Yes No


Would you install solar panels or windmills on your property?
Yes No

Yes. Let me keep all of my own produced wealth, then I can afford to do so. No tax credit bullshit, Timmy.

Do you support user fees for policies that protect the environment?
Yes No

User fees or voluntary payments in the free market? There is a difference. A big difference.

Do you support nuclear power as a way to reduce carbon emissions and provide Ontario with additional energy?
Yes No

Yes, but I really don't want the State running a nuclear power plant business. Anyone remember Chernobyl? Or what about the closer to home (but less extreme) Chalk River incident? The State doesn't care about us.

The government should explore technology that can create energy from waste.
Agree Disagree

The private sector is exploring this technology. Let's leave it at that.

Do you expect Smart Meters and time-of-use billing will allow you to significantly reduce your monthly hydro bill?
Yes No

It could. But a better way to reduce hydro is to open up the industry to some real free market competition.

How can we ensure students are receiving the education they need?

Publish performance data of schools
Province wide exit exams for high school students
Empower principals and parents, not bureaucrats, to make more decisions for their schools
Recognize Ontario's best teachers through performance-related bonuses

These points to check off don't even get at the core of the problem. How can we ensure students are receiving the education they need? End public education. Not only does it require extracting wealth with guns, but it forces children into prisons where they are indoctrinated. This is not some kind of conspiracy, this is the truth. I don't have time to get into it here, but I encourage you, Hudak, to research the history behind mandatory State-run schools.

Who do you think should have the most responsibility and authority for your children’s education?

School Boards
Education consultants or experts

Parents and only parents. If a parent relinquishes this responsibility to a teacher or an education consultant, then fine. It will be their personal choice.

If in a teacher’s professional assessment a student has not done the required work appropriately they should be allowed to give a student a zero or failing grade.
Agree Disagree

Well once again this ignores the basic horrors of public education, but if I had to choose between the two options, which I apparently I do, I would agree. If “no child is left behind” then what's the point of grading them at all? Let them advance based on age and maturity level.

Should the performance measurement of individual teachers be made available to a student’s parents?
Yes No

How you measure something like that is beyond me. I'll say no because hopefully more power to bureaucrats and more tyranny in schools will wake people up to the violence inherent in the system.

The government has started a $1.8 Billion all day kindergarten program. For parents with kindergarten-aged children (4-5 year olds), the government should:

Proceed with all day kindergarten that the government has begun to implement regardless of the cost
Provide parents with direct financial support to allow them to choose the childcare option that works best for them
Offer parents a choice between half day and full day kindergarten
Reduce costs by using an early childhood educator rather than a teacher for a half day

4 years old and in school. That is child abuse. The government should prosecute those responsible.... so themselves. The best option here is – again – abolish all forms of public (violent) education.

Which is most important to you:

The conditions of roads
Access to public transportation

The most important thing we can do is privatize roads and public transportation.

How long is your commute to and from work?
0 - 20 minutes
20 - 40 minutes
40 - 60 minutes
Over 1 hour

Depends on where I'm working.

Commuting times, particularly in large cities, continue to increase . To get people to and from work faster, the government should:

Build more roads
Build more public transit systems
Increase taxes to pay for more roads and public transit
Not increase taxes but make transportation infrastructure like roads a priority
Give the private sector a greater role in expanding roads and public transit

The last one! The last one! The last one! Tim! Do the last one!

I would be more likely to use public transit and carpool with others if they were equipped with WiFi.
Yes No

No, if I say yes the State might do something.

Generally, do you feel safe and protected in your neighbourhood?
Yes No

Generally, yes.

Do you agree crime and those who are able to get away with crimes are growing concerns in Ontario?
Yes No

Yes, the State gets away with theft, kidnapping and threatening violence everyday. In fact, Hudak - aren't you a criminal?

Which approaches do you support in the fight against crime?

(Multiple answers allowed)

Providing police with Tasers - Oh God no
Cameras in high-crime areas - Yeah better establish the Ministry of Love for that one
Higher penalties for repeat offenders - Yeah because that's been working.
Intervention programs to deter anti-social behaviour - If privately funded, go for it.
Use administrative tools like suspending drivers licenses to increase the punishments for crime – "Use administrative tools” is doublespeak for “increase bureaucrat mandates”

A sunset review is a legislative process to ensure that a government entity is still providing value and quality service to the public. Do you agree a sunset review should be used to:

Reduce the number of Government agencies, boards, and commissions
Reduce the number of government ministries and departments
Both of the above
Sunset reviews should not be used at all

The last one. Without a government we wouldn't need sunset reviews, would we Tim? The best way to provide value and quality service is through voluntary payment. This translates into profit and loss, thus the owners have an incentive to meet consumer satisfaction.

There are a number of ways to deliver government services. In Ontario, most government services are delivered by unions and there is little or no competition to ensure services provide value both to taxpayers who pay for them and citizens who rely on them. Do you believe that unions should have to compete for government contracts?
Yes No

This is a problem with governments, not with unions. There are a number of ways to deliver government services. Let's start with voluntary payment.

What is your top health care priority?

More doctors
Better services
Long term care beds
Access to pharmaceuticals
Wait times for surgery

Privatization. I'd like to pay for a doctor and not go to jail. You can use and pay for State-run health care all you want, just leave me out of it.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: I am worried the health care services I need, will not be there when I need them.

I agree. I totally agree. “Free” Health-Care is so engraved in the Canadian mindset that I'm afraid our system will deteriorate to essentially nothing before people finally clue in to the idea that maybe having the State provide health-care isn't such a great idea.

A growing and aging population means Ontario’s health care budget is increasing very quickly. To manage this growing fiscal pressure, the government should:
Increase taxes
Reduce spending in other areas
Reduce waste in health care
Promote healthier lifestyles

Privatize. I'm surprised this isn't an option considering this is the conservative wing of Ontario politics. This just shows how far down the road to serfdom we've gone.

Who should have more authority and responsibility for Ontario’s health care system:
Health care professionals
Government officials (e.g. administrators, civil servants, LHINS)
Elected officials

Patients as consumers, Tim. The price system is a wonderful way of allocating resources to best meet the needs of employers, employees and consumers.

When I am older and I need support I would prefer to be cared for:
In a hospital
In a long-term facility
At home
In a retirement residence

Hudak, I don't care where. As long as I can pay for it privately.

And there you go Tim. I hope to see my ideas implemented soon.

Have a nice day!

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