Monday, February 21, 2011

Be Back Soon

Well it's Family Day, and considering the week I have ahead of me I probably won't be posting again until February 28th. In the meantime enjoy these highlights:

Maybe we will have a Spring election ...Oh God, please no.

The Toronto Star advocates a "guaranteed annual income" ...Or communism.

$42M glass dome approved for Parliament... Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

Household debt-to-income ratio at record levels... I'll probably write more about this when I return.

Broadcaster Oligarchy doesn't like honest competition... Cable TV is dying. Accept the internet and find a way to make money off it.

Quebec has got a new right-wing party that wants to "stimulate debate on things like... the role of the state rather than Quebec independence."... Hey Hey! Maybe I'll learn French after all. Nah, I'll just use Google Translate

A really good video by Stefan Molyneux ... is a stateless society achievable in our lifetime?

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