Monday, January 10, 2011

Toronto Star: Canada's World Is About To Change In 2011

I couldn't agree more.

This is the year that our combat mission in Kandahar starts winding down, as specified by a 2008 parliamentary resolution. It will be superseded by a new military training program based in the Kabul area. The changes will bring risks in the months to come.

So let me get this straight Toronto Star Editorial Board, our mission is winding down? It's not my mission in Kandahar, I'm just being forced into it. If you want to claim credit for the occupation of another country you go ahead, but leave me out of it. Feel free to donate for the troops to stay, I'd rather donate to bring them home.

Scratch that, I'd rather invest in ways to employ disbanded troops. What Canada needs are these highly skilled men and women working in the private sector, using their skills for profit and not for murder.

Withdrawing from a dangerous mission can be a perilous manoeuvre, no matter how well executed. The redeployment will raise our profile in Afghanistan before lowering it — and make Canada more of a target for Taliban insurgents trying to score headlines. ...
So not killing people will encourage Taliban insurgents to make Canada a target for attacks? What if all the troops left, how would they attack us? Does anyone really believe the recent attacks in the USA were committed by religious extremists and enemies of the State?

And there's that word “our” again. Is the Toronto Star speaking on half of its readers? Subscribers? The City of Toronto? The Province of Ontario? The Dominion of Canada? A Voice in the Global World?

I imagine it's all six.

For Canada and other Western nations, the growing instability in Afghanistan and Pakistan will be a major concern in 2011...

I don't know what will happen halfway across the world, I just want to stay out of it. That includes paying for it.

Hezbollah is threatening a no-holds-barred response, reprising its street battles of recent years.

This is clearly a problem that cannot be fixed by the international community of States. The individuals of Palestinian and Israel must solve this problem themselves, as challenging as it may be. Once a mass of people in these two States recognize that it is the State that is the enemy and not each other, then everyone will see progress. Except for the individuals dependent on the State apparatus, who will have to produce for a living or receive charity.

All this while Hezbollah’s backers in Iran press ahead with their nuclear weapons plans in 2011, as Canada tries to keep up its campaign against human rights abuses in that country.

We, and by this I mean all of us, know full well that the media conglomerates pulled this exact same shit 8 years ago.

The State, "representing" Canadian people chose not to war against the people of Iraq.

What will the State decide this time? How will the media obscure critical thinking? The basic fact that everyone is forced to pay for a group of people to murder another group of people millions of miles away.

Canadians face a different kind of risk from Europe: Financial instability in Greece, Portugal and Ireland have undermined the euro and may send fresh shock waves across currency markets again this year. In Europe, this will be the year of hedging dangerously... From financial threats to terrorist perils, Canada’s world in 2011 promises to be as messy as it will be menacing.

This Toronto Star Editorial devoted three sentences to that issue. So allow me to do the same:

Canadians face a whole shit load of problems (or opportunities) in 2011: Financial and political instability in the United States, the Euro disintegrating, and a rising Asia with the power to disconnect “us” from the gravy train. In the USA, minor false flags may be preparing Americans for a larger one. From financial terrorists to State coercion, Canada's world in 2011 promises to be as fucked as it will be absolutely incredible.

More statism or more anarchy? Which do you think?

I'd like to choose not to have my private property stolen by a thug of individuals claiming to "represent" me.

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