Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010: A Canadian Review

I don't know about you, but personally 2010 was a great year for me. Here's what happened in Canada:

The Olympics

As the economy continued to get worse and billions were stolen from Canadians by the State - people kept their eyes shut. And nothing helps the populace live in a fantasy world better then professional sports.


We're still there.

The Mandatory Census

On a positive note, the Conservatives realized that forcing people to give up private information is coercive. The census was scrapped despite protest from busy-bodies refusing to mind their own business. Their argument was that without adequate population data, they can't centrally plan society to fit their ideals.

Prorogation of Parliament

This is becoming a yearly tradition in Canadian politics. I like it. The less politicians are in Ottawa intruding in our lives the better.

Camp Mirage

The Canadian military was kicked out of Dubai because of State meddling. Fine by me, perhaps we can dismantle the military now. Private defense should keep us safe from non-existent enemies.

Col. Russell Williams

A serial killer rapist. Shouldn't come as a surprise to Canadians, however. Anyone who dedicates their life to dressing up and killing people is clearly fucked in the head. Another reason to dismantle the military.

Bank of Canada Terrorist Organization

Harper was criticized for bringing a businessman into politics. I think the bigger story was Mark Carney bringing in Tim Hodgson to the Bank of Canada. Both men are Goldman Sachs terrorists.

Michael Ignatieff

Nobody paid attention to Ignatieff and the Liberals haven't moved in the polls. Is this a new era of Canadians rejecting the status quo of the State? A realization that this group of thieves are counter to individual freedom? Probably not. Nobody likes Iggy because he's a stuck-up Harvard-Oxford elitist that lived outside the country for most of his life... until, of course, he became the Liberal leader. Now he wants to be Prime Minister.

The Economy

The boom continued in some sectors, the recession intensified in others. Money continued to be printed, even to the point where a penny became worthless and the Senate decided to scrap it. Hopefully next the Senate will declare the Senate worthless and do away with it.


What's the all the hoopla about? That was just a glimpse of what's to come when food and fuel are rationed.

Security Council

Canada didn't make it onto the UN's Security Council. I must have been one of the few Canadians praising this news. Let's take this a step further and withdraw from the UN, the IMF, the G20, etc., etc.

Gun Registry

Unfortunately this didn't get scrapped. Expect more senseless deaths from unregistered guns smuggled from the United States and law-biding citizens to be harassed by the police just for owning a gun.


I wrote about this here. Does it not bother anyone that Hilter, Mussolini and Stalin were all economic nationalists? Draw whatever parallels you'd like, but one cannot escape this fact.

North American Union

More secret deals behind closed doors regarding the merger of Canada, the USA and Mexico into the North American Union. No longer just for conspiracy theorists, even Iggy questioned Harper about it in parliament.

Housing Bubble

Continued to be ignored or "debunked". Towards the end of the year Carney made the media rounds warning about household debt. An official recession is on its way, unofficially, we've been in a depression since at least 2008.


The people of British Columbia didn't like the sound of more taxes, so they protested and there's going to be a vote in 2011. Ontario, on the other hand, accepted the theft without much resistance.


More Canadians died while visiting Mexico. Seriously, who in their right mind would want to vacation in the poverty stricken hell-hole that is Mexico? (Sorry Mexican readers, but seriously, it's like the United States without the high standard of living). It's a shame that I feel more comfortable visiting the socialist regime of Cuba. A lot of the deaths result from the drug cartel that the CIA benefits from. How come the news never talked about that?

Still No Global Warming

The end of the year brought cold temperatures worldwide, especially in Canada. I can't remember this much snow before the new year since... well, ever. The science for man-made global warming continues to look like a bad junior high science report.

Municipal Elections

Was it just me, or did the municipal elections this year get a lot more mainstream media attention then usual? Regardless, most Canadians still haven't realized that the State (whether it be federal, provincial or municipal) is a criminal organization.

And that was 2010. Hopefully 2011 will be a little better... If not it'll certainly be more interesting.


  1. Did you compare Russell Williams to our brave men and women fighting overseas? That man doesn't deserve to be called colonel. The Canadian Military is fighting for YOUR freedom and YOUR safety, how about you show em some FUCKING RESPECT?!

  2. I don't support the war, but I support the troops. I'm anti-State and everything but soldiers (in theory) are fighting for our freedom so we can live in a society that allows us to have different opinions like liberal or conservative or whatever. I don't think the war in Afghanistan is worth the deaths and I don't think it's making us safer but I support the people who are willing to die for freedom, even though they have to use violence to attain those goals.

  3. I think John is a troll

  4. I agree that our govornment leaders are useless but the system itself works, and as for our troops, if you don't want to stand behind them, feel free to stand in front of them.

  5. Nice cliche, but I disagree that the system works.

    Troops are essentially bureaucrats. Put on State payroll and told to murder people for the State. They're the worst kind of bureaucrats. "Support the troops" is an empty slogan like "War is peace"

    The only way violence is justified is in defense. And even then I'd prefer private defense, I do not agree with a monopoly on violence.

  6. How can you be anti-State and still pro-war? (@ the other Anonymous commenter)