Monday, November 29, 2010

Trailer Park Boys Fire – RCMP Arrests Random Teenagers

This isn't that big of a story in Canadian news, but I happen to be a big fan of the show Trailer Park Boys and personal liberties. Apparently the former TPB set was being used as a 'hang-out' spot for young people and caught fire (no was injured). The fire was probably started by cigarettes (marijuana's scarcity over tobacco usually translates into joints being treated with better caution), or perhaps it was an electrical fire. Whatever the cause the cops have already decided it was arson.

“RCMP say three teenage boys were arrested walking away from the area, but were not charged.”

It seems that people aren't to walk freely when a fire is nearby. In fact a fire must indicate that all people should stay in their homes until the authorities determine the cause.

“[RCMP Staff Sgt. Peter] Ferguson says no charges have been laid and arson investigators won't be able to examine the site until Sunday.”

Tyranny in Canada is like IKEA, you gotta put it together one piece at a time; this stuff doesn't arrive fully set up the first day. Sure, the teens weren't charged with anything and free to go home. But why arrest them at all? What right did the RCMP have to do this? They just admitted there's no proof the fire was even an arson. Perhaps the teens should have followed Ricky's example on how to deal with cops because clearly it doesn't matter what “rights” the State give you, the State's gonna do what it wants to do.

Are the cops going to arrest the owner of the property as well? Isn't he a suspect? Maybe even more so than random teenagers? Maybe the owner took out a million dollar insurance plan but then for some reason saw the value of the property drop by half or more – so he or she decided to pay out. Are the RCMP going to arrest the owner until charges can or can't be laid?

Maybe not yet, but don't be surprised when that day comes. Hayek wrote about this kind of stuff years ago.

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