Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Rant About Canada

There's a currency war coming, and Canadians are foolish if they believe Canada can just stay on the side-lines and wait it out. Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, backed by exportable resources like oil, agriculture commodities, forestry and mining (which includes gold). Canada is a major player in the world whether we act like it or not. But despite whoever is in charge, whether it be Harper, Layton or that Harvard neocon – if our monetary policy is going to be directed by the Federal Reserve, Canada is already fucked.

Now we do have our own central bank but a guy named Mark Carney runs it, and he's worked for Goldman Sachs, a known financial terrorist group. And Carney's just copying Bernanke.

…Although Carney hasn't ripped open his pants and quantitative eased everywhere like Bernanke so willingly did. But there's always tomorrow so let's hope Carney keeps it in his pants. QE is hard to get out of your hair... especially when it cums twice.

Anyway -- The point I'm trying to make here is that Canada is fucked in this currency war because of our monetary policy. We're stuck with Carney until 2015, and even if we did get someone new who's to say things would change? Our best bet is to abolish the Bank of Canada. It's no different from the Fed, no matter what it's official purposes may be. It loots the Canadian people daily by charging the government compound interest payments, it monetizes debt, it works with the Chartered Banks secretly behind closed doors. I have no doubt that the powerful bankers behind the central bank pump money into political interests. So we can say goodbye to trying to get change from Ottawa. Even smaller parties like the NDP or the Greens conform to the statist quo – labour unions and centralized planning.

So there really is no independent voice in Ottawa – except the Independents. But can you imagine 308 non-party affiliated MP's? Who would form government? What would it look like? How would anything get done?

... scratch the last point, regardless of who runs the show in Parliament, nothing ever gets done.

Clearly the Canadian system is broken. It's built off of the British system with some American Republic elegance thrown into the mix. But overall it does not work for this country's population. Smaller more decentralized governments would probably work best, with the private sector offering the social safety net Canadians take pride in. Free banking would be introduced as well, call it an insurance policy on the gold standard. But also call it the free market. Why does a bank have to be chartered anyway?

But let's start small – that is to say let's start big. Let's make Canada more independent from the rest of the world. After all, a modern commodity-based economy like ours, if we moved back to a gold standard do you think the rest of the world would follow our example? You know China is just itchin' to dump its Treasuries and Europe is looking for any other answer than the IMF. The only ones that would oppose it would be the US, and they're broke as shit. So what's stopping us?

Well, Mark Carney for one. He said it himself “gold has no role to play in the international monetary system”

Do you trust this guy at the helm of our monetary authority? Neither do I.

In fact, I don't even like him. If things are going to change for the better in this country than first things first Mark Carney needs to go.

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